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Our economy is stacked against workers. Rock-bottom wages, unaccountable and predatory bosses, and threadbare workplace protections have brought the US to the bottom of the rankings for workers. 

These conditions are even worse for communities of color and those with marginalized gender, sexual, and disability identities who are disproportionately represented in vulnerable industries with limited opportunities for career advancement and economic mobility. 

Workers don’t live to work and our ability to succeed on the job depends on our ability to thrive outside of the workplace.  The Northeast Ohio Worker Bill of Rights acknowledges this fact and represents a holistic view of the areas in which all working people have rights and need RELIEF.

RESPECTFUL: protections for workers’ rights to collectively organize, through unionization or other means, without threat of retaliation.

ENGAGING: leaders that share information and profits and allow for workers to provide input and recommend changes.

LIVABLE: wages that support families and affordable benefits like healthcare, paid sick time, family/medical leave, and retirement.

INCLUSIVE: freedom from harassment and discrimination and leaders that ensure equity and inclusion in hiring and advancement.

EMPATHETIC: employers that recognize need for and support reliable, safe, and affordable housing, utilities, transit, and childcare.

FAIR: safe, stable, and predictably scheduled employment with pay for all hours worked and debt-free career advancement.

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